Welcome competitors to the 2020 TripleM/Pirelli Nottingham Sports Car Club Speed Championship.

The membership and championship registration forms are available via the menu on the left.

For 2020 we are doing a split tiered system so you can join NSCC for just £12 which means you are entitled to enter MSA events including the NSCC sprints or if you wish to enter the championship you need to pay an additional £20 for Championship registration.

NSCC will be running four events in 2020, on the 29th and 30th June a Curborough weekend with a single lapper on Saturday and a double lapper on Sunday and then a full weekend at Blyton Park on the 7th and 8th September where we will be running the Eastern circuit on the Saturday and the outer circuit on Sunday.

With NSCC membership you receive a £6 discount on each of our events you enter so you can actually make a saving by becoming a member.

Championship Scoring

The placings in the championship will be decided on the best 8 scores from the 20 rounds held at 11 different venues comprising of sprints and hillclimbs.

The scoring system is designed to remove any 'easy classes' with soft targets. The system is independent of the number of competitors in a class, or the weather conditions. These target times are the current class records for each class - so its easy to see how well you are doing against not just other NSCC members but the best drivers in the country! The full scoring system is explained in the championship regulations but basically, if you achieve the record time, you gain 20 points. This way any car from any class can compete against others. We even cater for if the event is wet or if the course changes from year to year, you also get 1 bonus point for each NSCC event entered so 4 extra points could make all the difference come the end of the season.

Awards are given out as follows-

  • 1st place the 1/2 Litre trophy plus 3x £100 NSCC entry vouchers 2021
  • 2nd Place the Keith Douglas trophy 2x £100 NSCC entry vouchers 2021
  • 3rd place the Mitchell Trophy 1x £100 NSCC entry vouchers 2021
  • Places four down to ten receive glass awards plus 1x £50 NSCC entry voucher.

Vouchers must be recieved at the annual awards event and be redeemed off NSCC organised events in 2021

An award - the Harry Driver Trophy is given to the fastest member over all rounds with the best 8 scores counting, the Des Richardson trophy is given to the highest scoring competitor at the NSCC events (excluding the top three contenders in the overall Championship) . There are also trophies for highest placed novice, highest placed lady and the famous 'wonky trophy' award for the best incident of the year and voted for by the members of the NSCC!

We hope you will come and join us for 2020.

2020 NSCC Championship Results

Overall championship results
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Des Richardson results
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Harry Driver results
Updated: 29 Sep 2019 1:31 PM


2019 Championship Winners

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1st Place NSCC 2019 Champion Gordon Peters Fiat 500 Sport
2nd Winner of the Keith Douglas Trophy Ian Butcher Honda Integra DC
3rd Winner of the Mitchell Trophy Mike Hull Lotus Exige
4th Place Robert Marwood Renault Clio 182
5th Place Alan Mugglestone Mazda MX5
6th Place Nigel Hinson Lotus Elise S1
7th Place Andrew Rollason Ford Ka
8th Place Nick Mugglestone Mazda MX5
9th Place Anthony Shearman Caterham 310R
10th Place Paul Webb Sylva Striker
Harry Driver Hike Hull Lotus Exige
Miller Trophy (Best placed classic car) Nick Mugglestone Mazda MX5
Des Richardson Nigel Hinson Lotus Elise S1
Andy Offer Trophy (Curborough Winner) Gordon Peters Fiat 500 Sport
Roger Carrington Trophy Mike Hull Lotus Exidge
Vi Selby Trophy Best Improver Nigel Hinson Lotus Elise S1
Gail Thomas for the highest Placed Novice Robert Marwood Renault Clio 182
The Brian Tustain Award. This award is made for meritorious contribution to the club Val Street
The Bruce Widdowson Marshals Award Geoff Roe
Best placed Lady Trophy Zoe Shearman
Wonkey Trophy Dave Purdy

2020 Printable NSCC Speed Championship Calendar

RoundDateDayVenueOrganising Club
185-SepSatAintreeLiverpool Motor Club


Our club membership rules can be found on the about us page.

We are currently compiling the commonly asked questions. In the meantime a lot of answers answers can be found in the MSA 2020 blue book, but we are happy to clarify any points.

For specifics about sprints and hillclimbs you can go direct to the page here:

2020 Invited Events

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