Blyton event

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Sun entries: 95 of 95 (0 remaining)

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Comp No. Name Make/Model Engine CC Sat Sun Entry received Entry Confirmed Signed On

Class SA - Standard Saloon and Sports Cars up to 1400cc

0Andrew WarrenSeat Arosa1397YesYesyesConfirmed
0Alex PetersBMW M140i3000YesYesyesConfirmed

Class SB - Standard Saloon and Sports Cars over 1400cc up to 2000cc

0Zoe ShearmanToyota MR21794YesYesyesConfirmed
0Neal BatemanFord Fiesta1999YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 1A - Road Modified Saloon and Sports Cars up to 1400cc

0Andrew RollasonFord Ka1360YesYesyesConfirmed
0Andrew TillFord Fiesta ST-Line998YesYesyesConfirmed
0Gordon PetersFiat 500 sport1368YesYesyesConfirmed
0Mike EdwardsAustin Mini1380YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 1B - Road Modified Saloon and Sports Cars over 1400cc up to 2000cc

0Richard GreenwoodRENAULT Twingo1149YesNoyesConfirmed
0Ian StaniforthLotus Elan GTS S3 / GTS1558NoYesyesConfirmed
0Peter TaylorMazda MX51999YesYesyesConfirmed
0Rodney EllisLotus Elan1558YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 1C - Road Modified Saloon and Sports Cars over 2000cc

0Jeremy SladenRenault Megane 2251998YesYesyesConfirmed
0Andrew WesterbyMINI COOPER S1600YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 2B - Road Modified Kit over 1700cc

0Nigel HinsonCaterham 620R1998YesYesyesConfirmed
0Robert PallettGinetta G334800YesNoyesConfirmed
0Jon IsonWestfield Megabusa.1299YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 2E - Road-going Lotus Elise and Elise derived Cars

0Andrew NicollLotus Elise S11800YesYesyesConfirmed
0Charles WhiteLotus Elise S21796YesYesyesConfirmed
0Martin RobertsLotus Elise1796YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 3A - Modified Production Cars up to 1400cc

0Richard AbrahamCitroen C1998NoYesyesConfirmed
0Andy TaylorCitroen C11000NoYesyesConfirmed

Class 3B - Modified Production Cars over 1400cc up to 2000cc

0John Moxhampeugeot 2051950YesYesyesConfirmed
0Stephen AkersLotus Elan S1 GTS1598YesYesyesConfirmed
0Taras AndrusinRenault Clio 172 Cup1998YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 3F - Modified Production Kit up to 1800cc

0Nigel HoltCaterham 310R1600YesYesyesConfirmed
0Peter O'connorwestfield se1640YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 3G - Modified Production Kit over 1800cc

0Nick MugglestoneRaw Fulcrum1998YesYesyesConfirmed
0Alan MugglestoneRaw Fulcrum1998YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 4A - Sports Libre Cars up to 1700cc

0Michael BoynsCitroen Visa1580YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 4B - Sports Libre Cars over 1700cc

0Steven WrightFord Mk1 Escort2000YesYesyesConfirmed
0Simon BainbridgeSBR Crono4200YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 5A - Racing Cars up to 1100cc

0Paul WebbOMS PR998YesYesyesConfirmed
0Will ShuttleworthT89R1 Single Seater998YesYesyesConfirmed
0John LoudonForce HC1070YesYesyesConfirmed
0Mike HullJedi Mk11000YesYesyesConfirmed
0Simon WallisOMS 3000M1070YesYesyesConfirmed
0Chris JonesForce TA1000YesYesyesConfirmed
0Mark AnsonJEDI MK61070YesYesyesConfirmed
0Christopher PriceForce TA1000YesNoyesConfirmed

Class 5C - Racing Cars over 1100cc up to 1600cc

0Dennis SanterBrabham BT181600YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 5D - Racing Cars over 1600cc up to 2000cc

0Steven BrownEmpire Evo 021340YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 5E - Racing Cars over 2000cc

0John GrahamGould GR55b3500YesYesyesPending
0Peter Gouldingmygale formula ford 2001595YesYesyesConfirmed
0Graham BlackwellMygale EcoBoost G211600YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 7 - Cars competing in the Classic Marques Speed Challenge

0Robbie BirrellLotus Exige V6 Cup3500YesYesyesConfirmed
0Steve CorkReliant Scimitar SS1 Ti1809YesYesyesConfirmed
0Ian BeningfieldMG Midget1493YesYesyesConfirmed
0Howard BarnardMazda MX51840YesYesyesConfirmed
0Clive GlassMorgan Plus 83900YesYesyesConfirmed
0Mark HarrisMazda MX51800YesYesyesConfirmed
0Nick Halltoyota mr21998YesYesyesConfirmed
0Nigel WaltonTriumph Spitfire1500YesYesyesConfirmed
0Ben CurryReliant Scimitar SS1 Ti1809YesYesyesConfirmed
0Martin RoweHonda S20001997YesYesyesConfirmed
0Brian MarshallMarcos Mantula3900YesYesyesConfirmed
0Trevor McmasterGinetta G321988YesYesyesConfirmed
0Simon Parkinporsche boxster2500YesYesyesConfirmed
0Roger FishHonda S20001997YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 8 - TVR Sports Car Club Speed Championship

0Peter CaygillTVR 3000M2994YesYesyesConfirmed
0Rob PackTVR Tuscan4600YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 10 - Morgan Sports Car Club Techniques Speed Championship

0Howard BurtonMorgan 4/41800YesYesyesConfirmed
0Simon BainesMorgan Roadster3700YesYesyesConfirmed
0Christopher BainesMorgan Roadster3700YesYesyesConfirmed
0Nick BoltonMorgan Roadster Lightweight2967YesYesyesConfirmed
0Paul ClarkeMorgan Roadster Lightweight2967YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 11-1 - Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship(Road-Going – List 1A – Limit 130 BHP)

518John ClarkeCaterham Seven S31588YesYesyesConfirmed
507Charlie WilsonCaterham 71600YesYesyesConfirmed
513Stephen CauseyCaterham Seven1588YesYesyesConfirmed
505Ben WilliamsCaterham Academy1596YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 11-2 - Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship(Road-Going – List 1A – Limit 155 BHP)

Graham HowardCaterham 71800YesYesyesConfirmed
524Andrew HarriesCaterham Roadsport1600YesYesyesConfirmed
532Jonathan HeyesCaterham Superlight1600YesYesyesConfirmed
534Clive MarsdenCaterham 71800YesYesyesConfirmed
530Chris WhitlowCaterham 7 310R1600YesYesyesConfirmed
531Paul CollinsCaterham 7 Superlight1600YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 11-3 - Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship(Road-Going – List 1B – Limit 155 BHP)

548Roger LeggCaterham Roadsport1598YesYesyesConfirmed
637Chris BramallCaterham Super 7 Zetec1800YesYesyesConfirmed
551Tony Smithcaterham7 150sv1600YesYesyesConfirmed
537Mathew BramallCaterham Super 7 Zetec1800YesYesyesConfirmed
556Robert JacobsCaterham 71596YesYesyesConfirmed
552Justin DobsonCaterham 310R1600YesYesyesConfirmed
553Grahame WardallCaterham Seven1585YesYesyesConfirmed
543John BransfieldCaterham Superlight 1401600YesYesyesConfirmed
550Bryan HerriottCaterham 7 Roadsport SV1800YesYesyesConfirmed
541Andrew WilloughbyCaterham Seven1600YesYesyesConfirmed
554Philip MatchwickCaterham 7 Roadsport 1401800YesYesyesConfirmed
555Rob ClayCaterham Supersport1600YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 11-4 - Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship(Road-Going Unlimited BHP – List 1B Tyres)

569Jolyon WalklingCaterham 71998YesYesyesConfirmed
577Chris AlstonCaterham 7 ZetecSprint2000YesYesyesConfirmed
564Andy GornerCaterham 420R1998YesYesyesConfirmed
573Nigel FoxCaterham Seven1988YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 11-7 - Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship(Modified – Slicks)

599Simon RogersCaterham HayabusaR1440YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 6 - National class: British Sprint Championship

0Stephen MilesVan Diemen RF96mm20201998YesYesyesConfirmed
0Steve BroughtonSBD Dallara F31998YesYesyesConfirmed
0Carole TorkingtonSBD OMS CF081585YesYesyesConfirmed
0Robert TongeForce TA1440YesYesyesConfirmed
0Matt HillamSBD Dallara F3991996YesYesyesConfirmed