Blyton event

Sat entries: 78 of 80 (2 remaining)

Sun entries: 75 of 80 (5 remaining)

Comp No. Name Make/Model Engine CC Sat Sun Entry received Entry Confirmed

Class SA - Standard Saloon and Sports Cars up to 1400cc

2Sam RosenthalFiat Panda1.4YesYesyesConfirmed
1Clive PlestedMG ZR1400YesNoyesConfirmed
3Chris Smithmg zr1400YesNoyesConfirmed
702Peter RosenthalFiat Panda1400NoYesyesConfirmed

Class SB - Standard Saloon and Sports Cars over 1400cc up to 2000cc

10John WadsworthMazda MX5 mk31997YesYesyesConfirmed
12Zoe ShearmanToyota MR21794YesYesyesConfirmed
11Peter MesserMazda MX51598YesYesyesConfirmed
15Stuart GilksMazda MX51839YesNoyesConfirmed
16Martin RoweToyota GT861997NoYesyesPending
715Louise GilksMazda MX51839YesNoyesConfirmed

Class 1A - Road Modified Saloon and Sports Cars up to 1400cc

20Andrew RollasonFord Ka1360YesYesyesConfirmed
21Martin RowePeugeot 106 Rallye1360YesYesyesConfirmed
22Gordon PetersFiat 500 sport1368YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 1B - Road Modified Saloon and Sports Cars over 1400cc up to 2000cc

25Andrew WebberLotus Elan +21760YesYesyesConfirmed
26Peter TaylorMazda MX51998YesYesyesConfirmed
27Richard JohnsonMG F1800YesYesyesConfirmed
28Rodney EllisLotus Elan1558YesYesyesConfirmed
29Paul JaggardAlfa Romeo Mito1400NoYesyesConfirmed
30Dave LeadbetterBMW 318Ti1896YesNoyesPending
32Nigel TrundleAbarth 5001368YesNoyesConfirmed
33Richard StephensPeugeot 206 GTi1801998NoYesyesConfirmed
730Cath WoodmanBMW 318Ti1896YesNoyesPending

Class 1C - Road Modified Saloon and Sports Cars over 2000cc

35Steve LylePorsche Boxster S3400YesNoyesConfirmed
36Justin AndrewsSubaru Impreza2124NoYesyesConfirmed

Class 2B - Road Modified Kit over 1700cc

45Jon IsonWestfield Megabusa turbo.1299YesYesyesConfirmed
46Stephen LaingCaterham R5001998YesYesyesConfirmed
47Les GoldingCaterham 71800YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 2E - Road-going Lotus Elise and Elise derived Cars

50Nigel HinsonLotus Elise Series 11796YesYesyesConfirmed
51Euan MuirheadVauxhall VX2202200YesNoyesConfirmed

Class 3A - Modified Production Cars up to 1400cc

55Gavin NeatePeugeot 1061360YesYesyesConfirmed
56Julian HarberBritish Leyland mini Clubman1340YesNoyesConfirmed

Class 3B - Modified Production Cars over 1400cc up to 2000cc

61John Moxhampeugeot 2051950YesYesyesConfirmed
60Dean MaddockFord Escort1993YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 3C - Modified Production Cars over 2000cc

62Lee Harpersubaru wrx sti2500YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 3F - Modified Production Kit up to 1800cc

64Simon WaterfallWestfield Megablade1000YesYesyesConfirmed
65Michael ThomsonSTM Phoenix919NoYesyesConfirmed

Class 3G - Modified Production Kit over 1800cc

68Derek HodderWestfield Type R-SC2200YesYesyesConfirmed
69John HoyleWestfield SEIW2180YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 4A - Sports Libre Cars up to 1700cc

70Michael BoynsCitroen Visa1580YesYesyesPending

Class 4B - Sports Libre Cars over 1700cc

75Steven WrightFord Mk1 Escort2000YesYesyesConfirmed
76Simon BainbridgeSBR Crono4200YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 5A - Racing Cars up to 1100cc

87Paul WebbOMS PR999YesYesyesConfirmed
81Martin PicklesJedi Mk11000YesYesyesConfirmed
82Mike HullJedi F10001000YesYesyesConfirmed
83Will ShuttleworthT89R1 SPECIALE Single Seater998YesYesyesConfirmed
784Chris JonesForce TA1000YesYesyesConfirmed
84Christopher PriceForce TA1000YesYesyesConfirmed
Mark AnsonJEDI MK61070YesYesyesConfirmed
80Tony BeesleyJEDI MK4999YesYesyesConfirmed
86Simon WallisOMS 3000M1070YesNoyesConfirmed

Class 5B - Formula Ford 1600 Racing Cars

90Nigel FoxVan Diemen RF891600YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 5C - Racing Cars over 1100cc up to 1600cc

95Nicholas ScottForce TA1596YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 5D - Racing Cars over 1600cc up to 2000cc

99Stephen MilesVan Diemen RF96mm20201998YesYesyesConfirmed
100Glyn SketchleyForce PT1298YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 5E - Racing Cars over 2000cc

103Peter Gouldingmygale formula ford 2001595YesYesyesConfirmed
101Graham PorrettLOLA TeGra T903500YesYesyesConfirmed
701Terry HolmesLOLA TEGRA JUDD3500YesYesyesConfirmed
104Graham BlackwellMygale EcoBoost G201600NoYesyesConfirmed

Class 7 - Cars competing in the Classic Marques Speed Challenge

105Mark HarrisMazda MX51800YesYesyesConfirmed
110Rob PackTVR Tuscan4600YesYesyesConfirmed
106Nick Halltoyota mr21998NoYesyesPending

Class 10 - Morgan Sports Car Club Techniques Speed Championship

115George ProudfootMorgan SERIES 11267YesYesyesConfirmed
116Paul ClarkeMorgan Roadster Lightweight2967YesYesyesConfirmed
118Paul BryanMorgan +4 Supersports1999YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 11-1 - Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship(Road-Going – List 1A Radial Tyres – Limit 125 BHP)

519John ClarkeCaterham Seven S31588YesYesyesConfirmed
513Stephen CauseyCaterham Seven1588YesYesyesConfirmed
514Richard YoungCaterham Seven1598YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 11-2 - Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship(Road-Going – List 1A Radial Tyres – Limit 150 BHP)

536Chris WhitlowCaterham 7 310R1600YesYesyesConfirmed
539Mathew BramallCaterham Super 7 Zetec1800YesYesyesConfirmed
639Chris BramallCaterham Super 7 Zetec1800YesYesyesConfirmed
538Jonathan HeyesCaterham Superlight1600YesYesyesConfirmed
534Graham HowardCaterham 71800YesYesyesConfirmed
535Ian JonesCaterham 7 Superlight1588YesYesyesConfirmed
635Debbie BowyerCaterham 7 Superlight1588YesYesyesConfirmed
537Paul CollinsCaterham 7 Superlight1600YesYesyesPending

Class 11-3 - Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship(Road-Going – List 1B Radial Tyres – Limit 150 BHP)

569Robert JacobsCaterham 71596YesYesyesConfirmed
551John BransfieldCaterham Superlight 1401600YesYesyesConfirmed
566Grahame WardallCaterham Seven1585YesYesyesConfirmed
563Bryan HerriottCaterham 7 Roadsport SV1800YesYesyesConfirmed
564Tony Smithcaterham7 150sv1600YesYesyesConfirmed
567Philip MatchwickCaterham 7 Roadsport 1401800YesYesyesConfirmed
547Andrew WilloughbyCaterham Seven1600YesYesyesConfirmed
558Charlie CoodeCaterham 71598YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 11-4 - Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship(Road-Going – List 1B Radial Tyres)

572Andy GornerCaterham 420R1998YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 11-5 - Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship(Modified – List 1C Radial Tyres – Limit 210 BHP)

584Chris AlstonCaterham 7 ZetecSprint2000YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 11-6 - Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship(Modified – List 1C Radial Tyres)

593Graham DenholmCaterham 71998YesYesyesConfirmed