Blyton event

Comp No. Name Make/Model Engine CC Sat Sun Entry received Entry Confirmed

Class SA - Standard Saloon and Sports Cars up to 1400cc

Gordon PetersFiat 500 sport1368YesYesyesPending

Class SB - Standard Saloon and Sports Cars over 1400cc up to 2000cc

John WadsworthMazda MX5 mk31997NoYesyesConfirmed

Class 1A - Road Modified Saloon and Sports Cars up to 1400cc

Rich AbrahamCitroen C1998YesYesyesConfirmed
Andrew RollasonFord Ka1360YesYesyesConfirmed
Mike EdwardsAustin Mini1380YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 1B - Road Modified Saloon and Sports Cars over 1400cc up to 2000cc

Nick MugglestoneMazda MX51840YesYesyesConfirmed
Alan MugglestoneMazda MX51840YesYesyesConfirmed
David MarshallPeugeot 2051905YesYesyesConfirmed
James LovellRenault Clio 1971998YesYesyesConfirmed
Paul JaggardAlfa Romeo Mito1400YesYesyesPending
Ian ButcherHonda Integra DC1797YesYesyesConfirmed
Richard WindmillRenault Clio 172 Cup1998YesNoyesConfirmed

Class 2A - Road Modified Kit up to 1700cc

Anthony ShearmanCaterham 310R1598YesYesyesConfirmed
Paul WebbSylva Striker1600YesYesyesPending

Class 2B - Road Modified Kit over 1700cc

Graham WoodcockWestfield Megabusa1300YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 2C - Road-going TVR Cars of 4 and 6 cylinders prior to Jan 1st 1992

Iain StallardTVR Vixen1760YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 2E - Road-going Lotus Elise and Elise derived Cars

Kim AdamsLotus Elise1796YesNoyesConfirmed
Jason WeatherallLotus Elise S2 111S1800YesNoyesConfirmed
Alan DayLotus Elise s11796YesNoyesConfirmed
Mike HullLotus Exige1800YesYesyesConfirmed
Richard HardwickeLotus Elise 340R1896YesNoyesConfirmed
Tim HardwickeLotus Elise S11798YesNoyesConfirmed
Nigel HinsonLotus Elise Series 11796YesYesyesPending

Class 3B - Modified Production Cars over 1400cc up to 2000cc

Paul BoscottLotus Elan + 21586YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 3C - Modified Production Cars over 2000cc

William Huntford sierra2000YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 4A - Sports Libre Cars up to 1700cc

Clive WoosterRadical sr41475YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 5A - Racing Cars up to 1100cc

Chris JonesForce TA1000YesYesyesConfirmed
Phil WilliamsJedi MK4988ccYesYesyesConfirmed
Christopher PriceForce TA1000YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 5D - Racing Cars over 1600cc up to 2000cc

Glyn SketchleyForce PT1298YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 7 - Cars competing in the Classic Marques Speed Challenge

John PollardMazda MX5 NC1999YesYesyesConfirmed
Mark HarrisMazda MX51598YesYesyesConfirmed
Ian BeningfieldMG Midget1493YesYesyesConfirmed
Nigel WaltonTriumph Spitfire1522YesYesyesConfirmed
Brian MarshallPorsche 944 Turbo SE3217YesYesyesConfirmed
Howard BarnardMazda MX51840YesYesyesConfirmed
Trevor McmasterGinetta G321988YesYesyesConfirmed
Nigel HodsonMazda MX-51840YesYesyesConfirmed
Chris HarrisMazda MX51598YesYesyesPending
Steve LylePorsche Boxster S3400YesNoyesConfirmed
Martin RoweHonda S20001997YesYesyesConfirmed
Ben CurryReliant Scimitar SS1 Ti1809YesYesyesConfirmed
Nick Halltoyota mr21998YesYesyesPending
Steve CorkReliant Scimitar SS1 Ti1809NoYesyesPending
Matthew EadyGinetta G41998YesYesyesConfirmed
Phil HowardReliant Scimitar SS11596YesNoyesConfirmed
Andrew KingReliant scimitar Ss11596NoYesyesConfirmed

Class 8 - TVR Sports Car Club Speed Championship

Steve HunterTVR Chimaera4500YesYesyesConfirmed
Jo BriarsTVR Chimaera4500YesYesyesConfirmed
David BarrowcloughTVR Chimera4995YesYesyesConfirmed
Peter CaygillTVR 3000M2994YesYesyesConfirmed
Geoff StallardTVR Vixen1760YesYesyesConfirmed
Richard BlackleeTVR Chimaera4500YesNoyesConfirmed

Class 9-A - Bert Hadley Memorial Championship(Road cars)

Gerald MullordAustin 7 Hamblin747YesNoyesConfirmed

Class 9-B - Bert Hadley Memorial Championship(Track cars)

Paul GeeringAUSTIN 7 PIGSTY SPECIAL750NoYesyesPending

Class 10 - Morgan Sports Car Club Techniques Speed Championship

Clive GlassMorgan Plus 83900YesYesyesConfirmed
George ProudfootMorgan SERIES 11267YesYesyesConfirmed
Ian HargraveMORGAN 4&4 LOWLINE1796YesYesyesConfirmed
Paul BryanMorgan +4 Supersports1999YesYesyesConfirmed
Simon AshbyMorgan 4/41700YesYesyesConfirmed
Paul ClarkeMorgan Roadster Lightweight2967YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 11-1 - Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship(Road-Going – List 1A Radial Tyres – Limit 125 BHP)

Crispin ScottCaterham Roadsport120YesYesyesConfirmed
John ClarkeCaterham Seven S31588YesYesyesConfirmed
Ivan PullenCaterham Seven Roadsport1598YesYesyesConfirmed
Stephen CauseyCaterham Seven1588YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 11-2 - Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship(Road-Going – List 1A Radial Tyres – Limit 150 BHP)

Chris BramallCaterham Super 7 Zetec1880YesYesyesConfirmed
Mathew BramallCaterham Super 7 Zetec1800YesYesyesConfirmed
Clive MarsdenCaterham 71800YesYesyesConfirmed
Roger AbbottCaterham 7 270R1598YesYesyesConfirmed
Rob ClayCaterham Supersport1600YesYesyesPending
Laura FergusonCaterham Supersport1600YesYesyesPending
Graham HowardCaterham 71800YesYesyesConfirmed
Chris WhitlowCaterham 7 310R1600YesYesyesConfirmed
Jonathan HeyesCaterham Superlight1600YesYesyesPending
Paul CollinsCaterham 7 Superlight1600YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 11-3 - Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship(Road-Going – List 1B Radial Tyres – Limit 150 BHP)

Roger LeggCaterham Roadsport1598YesYesyesConfirmed
Justin DobsonCaterham 310R1600YesYesyesConfirmed
Robert JacobsCaterham 71596YesYesyesConfirmed
Bryan HerriottCaterham 7 Roadsport SV1800YesYesyesConfirmed
Grahame WardallCaterham Seven1585YesYesyesConfirmed
Ian ChambersCaterham Seven1588YesYesyesConfirmed
Philip MatchwickCATERHAM 7 ROADSPORT 1401800YesYesyesPending

Class 11-4 - Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship(Road-Going – List 1B Radial Tyres)

Mike CockerCaterham 72000YesYesyesConfirmed
Jon DaviesCaterham Roadsport SV1800YesNoyesConfirmed
Charlotte JohnstonCaterham roadsport SV1800YesNoyesConfirmed

Class 11-5 - Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship(Modified – List 1C Radial Tyres – Limit 210 BHP)

Chris AlstonCaterham 7 ZetecSprint2000YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 11-6 - Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship(Modified – List 1C Radial Tyres)

Simon RogersCaterham HayabusaR1440YesYesyesConfirmed
Roy AllumCaterham 7 Hayabusa1440YesYesyesConfirmed
Graham DenholmCaterham 71998YesYesyesConfirmed
Mark DurrantCaterham Superlight1596YesYesyesPending

n/a - Class not selected please advise which class you wish to run

Tony Smithcaterham7 150sv1600YesYesyesConfirmed
James HuntBMW E302500YesYesyesConfirmed
Justin AndrewsSubaru Impreza2124YesYesyesConfirmed